Street Fighter

Whether they hit you with the tech or land that perfect combo, meet the players who will leave you stunned.

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onema christ

Coming from the French scene, Akainu is one of the top 25 players in Europe and is looking to bring his talents to the lineup. As one of the few non-UK players in the Street Fighter lineup, Akainu is able to bring a new perspective to the game than the other players, and use his Guile play to take down his opponents.

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ramz shaft

Ramz brings nearly a decade of tournament experience to the roster, coming back from a break with a vengence to aim for the best. A multi-game specialist, he's always on the lookout for the strongest opposition, using his ability to adapt and evolve to take them down.


shivan dass

Shivan brings a strong will to adapt to his opponents to the roster. An up and coming young player in the UK and Street Fighter scene, Shivan focuses on his character specialisation of Laura each game to bring him the victory. 



Gabriel Lawal

Another strong UK talent, Gabriel uses his talent and ability on Balrog to stand above the rest. Alongside the rest of the roster, Gabriel looks to make himself a Real Menace to his opponents and deliver the final punch to that all important K.O.


Ricardo Ríos Rodríguez

One of the best Spanish players, Ricardo's tactical style has won him many plaudits. With the tight knit Spanish FGC scene growing on a daily basis, staying on top of the scene is a challenge, but rising above to play on an international level is Rockshooter's ultimate goal.



mohammed fayyaz

As the teams multi-character player, Vzurk looks to bring extreme flexibility in matchups to the team, able to counter-pick and throw his opponents off balance. This ability to change things up makes Vzurk invaluable in the upcoming Elite Series as players band together in team battles.