Rocket League

Meet out boys behind the wheels, whether it's taking the shot or making the save they're always on the move.

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Mohamad salameh

One of the most mechanically sound players in the Elite Series, MummiSnow entered the Rocket League scene back in season one with "Hard On Colliders". He is most known for his fast playstyle and apperance with "PENTA" in RLCS league play season 4. MummiSnow is extremely talented at scoring hard angeled shots in the air and brings a huge unpredictable factor to any match.



jesper johannson

Known for having some of the best rotations in the rocket league scene. He brings invaluable knowledge to the team, behind that he is an extremely well rounded player excelling in team play. Flarke entered the scene with "Summit" during RLCS season 2 and continued to be a highly ranked player.



martin Wiulsrød

Also known as Sniperkid, has been playing on the top level of rocket league since RLCS season one. Most known for playing in RLCS contender team KA-POW and his twitch stream. Sniper is a well rounded player with high focus on shooting, bringing consistent opportunities and goals. Also taking the role as the team motivator.



As not only one of the youngest players in the lineup, but also one of the youngest players in the Elite Series, Hello is looking to set himself apart as the best young talent around. Having made top 8 in RLCS, Hello is looking to go even further and have his breakout performance as a player with Prophecy.



marius johansen

Kileak has been playing Rocket League since season 1 where he competed in RLCS contender team Zero Effort. Since then he has claimed the Norwegian Championship title and has been active on the competetive leaderboards. One of Kileak's main strength is his ability to perform strongly on LAN, a perk that makes him a strong addition to the roster for the Elite Series.



stuart blair

Well known for his clean and forward thinking rotational play, Stuart has used this knowledge to not only bring himself close to season 3 of the RLCS, falling one game short, but also in his coaching of players and teams. Having coached Fireborn Gaming at Insomnia to a respectable 2nd place finish, he is looking to bring this knowledge to the players alongside his positive attitude and focus on teamplay.