Rocket League - Infusing the Prophecy

The Gfinity Elite Series returns in just over two weeks time, and we at Prophecy are looking to improve on our placements in season one. Yesterday we revealed our new Counter-Strike lineup, and today we have exciting news regarding our Rocket League side.

Please join us in welcoming Sebastian “Sebadam” Adamatzky and Jordan “Eyeignite” Stellon!

The two have joined Prophecy in a transfer from Team Infused, and will be matched with Jospeh “Mummisnow” Salameh, who featured for us last season.

Our new member, Sebadam, had this to say:

“I'm happy to join up with Eyeignite and Mummisnow, it will be very interesting to see how we do as I believe our playstyles will fit up well together and this team will be very agressive-minded which is something that I very much enjoy since it takes me out of my comfort zone a bit, allowing me to improve myself as a player."

Sebadam - @SebadamRL                                                                                                                 MummiSnow - @MummiSnow                                                                                                           EyeIgnite - @EyeIgnite_RL

The team will make its competitive debut on October 7 when the Gfinity Elite Series Rocket League Season 2 kicks off.