Roster Update

With the first season of the Elite Series wrapped up, it's time for Prophecy to look ahead to the second season as it rapidly approaches. With a new season, comes new challenges, but it also brings with it a new draft, and a goodbye to the draft players for season 1. Having fought their way into the draft for season 1 and being given the chance to play and perform in a team for the first season of the Elite Series, our draft players performed well and above the expectations for them. As they head out from Prophecy and back into the draft for season 2, we look forward to seeing some of those names again as opposition this time.

As well as the goodbye to our draft players, we are also bidding farewell to a number of our players as we look to shake up the rosters of Prophecy. One of those farewells is to two of our core players in Rocket League, Sniper and Flarke. For season 1, the Rocket League lineup was not able to reach the goal that was expected for them of making playoffs, however both Sniper and Flarke will be sorely missed as they move on to new prospects and opportunities. A wild season 1 for Street Fighter 5 also has led us to make some changes to our lineup for season 2. With the end of this season, we say goodbye to RMZ, our resident Necalli player.

The largest change however for the upcoming second season comes with our CS:GO roster, as we say goodbye to the current lineup as we look to nurture new talent and rebuild for the next season of the Elite Series. The CS:GO lineup made one of the biggest splashes of the season as they upset EnVyUs' roster, the tournament favourite for first place. While the team were not able to upset the entire tournament and take first, the feat of reaching second was certainly not a minor one. With the end of this season, we bid farewell to the players however:

  • Quix
  • KoloR
  • Arch
  • Fleav
  • Kalle
  • Slap

Goodbye's are never easy, and we are sad to see the players we have come to know and love go, but we look forward to seeing what the future holds for them and for Prophecy.