Counter Strike: Global Offensive

From the sickest flick shot to the perfect pop flash, meet our Counter Strike roster.



Ádám Domoszlay

As one of the youngest members on the roster, this young rookie has a lot to prove, and the potential talent to do so. With some experience on the winning Plantronics roster at Dreamhack Summer 2017, the year has started out strong for this young player, and looks to get stronger.



kristaps bricis

Another player with experience from the Plantronics roster at the recent Dreamhack Summer 2017, Krii comes through the Elite Series draft to help support the team in the upcoming Elite Series alongside his previous team mate in 



max lindqvist

Quix brings a wealth of experience to the roster, having played previously in the well known roster and alongside KoloRRR on the winning Plantronics roster at Dreamhack Summer 2017. As one of the more experienced players on the roster, he looks to lead the younger talent on the roster to victory.



karl william haraldsen

The veteran and experienced in-game leader for the team, Kalle brings a wealth of experience from not only his time with Epsilon but also his long history as a 1.6 player. The knowledge and leadership Kalle brings to the team will look to lead some of the fresh and young talent in the lineup to a victory.



fredrik junbrant

Having represented Sweden at the recent World Championships, Slap is looking to go from national pride to victory with this mix roster. With experience and success under London Conspiracy, Prophecy looks to add to that list of successful performances under UK organisations.        


Szöke Tamás

As one of the top players coming through the Gfinity Challenger draft, Tomtidom is looking to prove he not only has the talent required, but also that he can stand beside the players in this next step up into the Elite Series, and even look to rise above.

Prophecy Photography No Image.png


Vladyslav Svistov

An experienced player from Ukraine with a dedicated fan following, Arch is looking to find a home with this lineup after parting ways with his previous team, Elements Pro Gaming.

Prophecy Photography No Image.png


fodor levente janos

Joining the roster through the draft as another sub is Fleav, who comes to Prophecy alongside his teammate Krii. Coming to the roster as the youngest talent, Fleav is looking to prove himself and learn under the experienced leadership in the roster.